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BroadJump: A sleek new brand for a healthcare innovator

Dallas, TX
Industry: Technology & Health care

Project Scope


BroadJump is an innovative firm that uses data analytics to help healthcare companies source their purchasing smarter. This requires some really smart people to use some incredibly advanced business intelligence technology and algorithms. The company was ready to better represent the cutting-edge work they do, so we helped them design a more sleek version of their legacy brand.

Before Before Image
After After Image

01 Brand Guidelines

We always provide a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in all communications.

Broadjump brand guidelines

02 Custom Iconography

We designed a custom iconography set to represent the multiple solutions that Broadjump provides.

Broadjump icons

03 Animation

We also provided several animations that are used on their website.

We are excited about this leap forward for BroadJump.

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