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Senior Copywriter

Jacq Headshot Jacqueline Chen

CONNECTIVE Agency is seeking a senior copywriter who loves writing copy across a wide variety of mediums including: websites, social media, marketing materials, white papers, blog articles, internal communications, and brand campaigns. We’re looking for someone who is a team player, loves to learn, does their homework, will seek to clearly represent our clients’ brand positioning, key messages and style – oh, and you have to be wicked smart and fun, too!

The writer should be able to work with a high degree of independence and be open to collaborating across disciplines, and as part of a team. The senior copywriter will serve as the agency’s editor-in-chief, reviewing all content and editing materials at every stage of development to ensure clarity, creativity, accuracy, and audience focus.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensures a high degree of quality in all writing assignments for clients and the agency.
  • Has a strong ability to anticipate messaging criteria, translate complex data into engaging content, and understands the importance of nuance and context.
  • Is organized, punctual, and technically proficient.
  • Has an innate intellectual and creative curiosity, and is able to do their own primary and secondary research.
  • Learns clients’ business models, plans, and objectives in order to craft copy that is aligned with who they are and what they do.
  • Is able to clearly present and ‘sell’ writing concepts to clients connecting their ideas to client objectives.
  • Serves as project manager for projects with a content marketing focus, and is fully capable of balancing accounts and assignments with urgency and diplomacy.
  • Collaboratively create visual and copy ideas for brand identity materials, marketing campaigns, digital media for web and social, as well as conference booths and promotional material designs.
  • Collaborate with our clients, account leaders, strategists, creative team, photographers, videographers, etc. to successfully bring a vision and story to life.
  • Solid interpersonal skills and writing are also critical to our teammates’ success.
  • Is able to work across multiple clients, industries, and projects.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism or related discipline
  • Strong written and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail – writes clear, concise and grammatically correct copy
  • Follows AP Style
  • Understands different language styles that appeal to various target markets/audiences
  • Tech savvy
  • Self-motivated and organized
  • 4-5 years of creative copywriting and project management experience in an agency environment is preferred
  • Great collaboration and communication skills
  • Client service experience
  • Problem-solver who is able to clearly communicate ideas and solutions
  • High willingness to slay small tasks and big projects — the same way
  • Hunger for continuous improvement, growth, and professional development

NEXT STEPS: Please send a short cover letter note detailing why you’re interested in the gig, along with your resume and writing samples, to

We look forward to hearing from you!


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