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Vivienne McCone
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Vivienne McCone

Design Artist

Vivienne is a design artist who loves using her art and creativity to communicate. A problem-solver who’s constantly working to learn new skills, she values collaboration and is always thinking of innovative ways to tackle projects. Her determination, out-of-the-box thinking and endless supply of motivation help her meet client needs and tell stories through her designs, no matter the medium.

Vivienne excels at print design, loves diving deep into the world of typography and has a passion for digital photography and editing. She especially enjoys developing dynamic, thoughtful branding that reflects a client’s identity, voice and values.

As a graphic design intern in a previous role, Vivienne worked to create graphics for a range of clients across multiple platforms, including print, presentation design, social media production and planning, project research and motion media.

Born and raised in Dallas, Vivienne received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design, where she specialized in graphic design and also minored in writing. When she’s not designing, she likes spending her time outdoors and visiting bookstores — ideally ones that have both cats and coffee.