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Photo of Jessica Crawford
Ask Jess about her favorite films.

Jessica Crawford


Jess is a natural-born wordsmith and copywriter with a love of words and stories — she even wrote a 400-page story before entering high school. She is a graduate of the University of Houston-Clear Lake where she pursued a degree in literature, with minors in communications and teacher education. Jess believes in the power of writing and its ability to inform, impact and entertain.

Jess has broad experience writing everything from press releases to AP style articles to movie scripts that she writes as passion projects. As part of her advanced education and training, she developed and refined her writing skills by taking a wide variety of writing-intensive courses, as well as learning the ins-and-outs of marketing and public relations.

Originally born in Dallas, but raised near Houston, Jess has returned to the DFW Metroplex to pursue a career in copywriting. Outside of work, she loves all things TV, movies and pop culture. Jess also enjoys spending time with family and friends, taking ridiculous amounts of pictures of her pets, baking and downloading audiobooks that she’ll definitely listen to later.